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Feminist Readings in Motion?

International Virtual Conference

 12 - 16  April 2021

UNISA, College of Human Sciences

“Difference must be not merely tolerated, but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like a dialectic” - Audre Lorde (1984)

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“Living as I have argued we do in the wake of slavery, in spaces where we were never meant to survive, or have been punished for surviving and for daring to claim or make spaces of something like freedom, we yet reimagine and transform spaces for and practices of an ethics of care (as in repair, maintenance, attention), an ethics of seeing, and of being in the wake as consciousness; as a way of remembering and observance that started with the door of no return, continued in the hold of the ship and on the shore.” - Christina Sharpe (2016)

“So what kind of feminism exists in an African context? […] in view of what I have argued as well as the realities of Africa, we should more correctly say: What feminisms exists in Africa? Indeed there are many feminisms, depending on the centre from which one is speaking or theorizing around the junctures of race, class, caste and gender; nation, culture and ethnicity; age, status, role and sexual orientation.” - Molara Ogundipe-Leslie (1994)

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